Research Outputs

Here you can find original research produced by and in collaboration with the Kant and Laws network, both in print and forthcoming.

New Publications

Massimi, M. and Breitenbach, A. (eds.) (March 2017) Kant and the Laws of NatureCambridge University Press.

Massimi, M. (March 2017) “Grounds, modality, and nomic necessity in the Critical Kant”, in Massimi, M. and Breitenbach A. (eds.) Kant and the Laws of Nature, Cambridge University Press. 

A. Breitenbach and M. Massimi (eds.) Special Issue of The Monist on “Laws of Nature” (expected publication date July 2017).

M. Massimi (2016) Oxford Bibliographies Online article on “Kant and the Laws of Nature”.

Massimi, M. (ed.) (2014) Kant and the laws of nature. Special Issue of Kant-Studien 105(4), pp. 469–597.  This volume includes:

M. Massimi (ed.) (2013), Special Section: Philosophy of natural science from Newton to Kant, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 44:3, Elsevier.  The volume includes:

Forthcoming Publications (pre-prints available in Massimi‘s personal website)

Massimi, M. (in print) “Kant on the ideality of space and the argument from Spinozism”, in J. O’Shea (ed.) Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason: A Critical Guide (Cambridge University Press).

M. Massimi (in print) “The Legacy of Newton for the pre-Critical Kant”, in E. Schliesser and C. Smeenk (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Newton, OUP.

M. Massimi (scheduled publication date 2018) “Laws of nature and nomic necessity. Was Kant really a projectivist?”. Proceedings of the 12. International Kant Kongress Nature and Freedom. Ed. Violetta Waibel and Margit Ruffing (Berlin: De Gruyter).