Research Seminars: Semester One, 2013-2014

October – December 2013:  Cambridge Kant Reading Group 

Critique of Pure Reason, the Transcendental Aesthetic: Intuitions vs. Concepts, Geometry, Transcendental Idealism 

In Michaelmas Term the Cambridge Kant Reading Group will read the Transcendental Aesthetic of the Critique of Pure Reason. Since this is a short, but very dense text, we will supplement it with a few additional primary passages as well as selected secondary literature. Our focus will be on a careful analysis of Kant’s arguments. Topics to be discussed include the following: the distinction between intuitions and concepts; the notion of a pure intuition; Kant’s philosophy of geometry; and Transcendental Idealism.

Meetings are held in the HPS Lodge from 3:30 – 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. They begin with a short presentation and are followed by general discussion. All are most welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Thomas Land at

15th Oct

Tr. Aesthetic, §§1, 2 and 4 (focus on the first two Space Arguments and the first two Time Arguments)

Daniel Warren, “Kant and the Apriority of Space”, Philosophical Review 107:2 (1998), 179-224.

22nd Oct

Tr. Aesthetic, §§2 and 4 (focus on the last two Space Arguments and the last two Time Arguments)

Lanier Anderson, “The Wolffian Paradigm”

29th Oct

The Discipline of Pure Reason in its Dogmatic Use” (A712/B740-A738/B766)

Kästner Review (“Über Kästners Abhandlungen”, Ak. 20: 410-423; translation Henry Allison, The Kant-Eberhard ControversyBaltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1973)

Emily Carson, “Kant on Intuition in Geometry,” Canadian J of Phil 27 (1997), 489-512.

5th Nov

Tr. Aesthetic, §3

Lisa Shabel, “Kant’s ‘Argument from Geometry’, in: Journal of the History of Philosophy 42 (2004), 195-215

12th Nov

Tr. Aesthetic, A26/B42-A30/B45 and §§6-8

19th Nov

Lucy Allais, “Kant’s Idealism and the Secondary-Quality Analogy”, Journal of the History of Philosophy 45:3 (2007), 459-84

26th Nov

Desmond Hogan, “How to Know Unknowable Things in Themselves”, Noûs, 43:1 (2009), 49–63

3rd Dec


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